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Favorite Charities

As all successful/responsible businesses should do, Tony Sammut Development recognizes that the community is largely responsible for his success therefore, we give back the community by participating in many charitable community efforts throughout Monterey County and elsewhere. We encourage others to do the same, whether it be with one of those favorite charities for which Tony contributes his time and financial support, or another. Although Tony donates to many small local charities, clubs, and organizations, listed below are a few of Tony’s favorites that he and his wife Tina take great pride in supporting and feel are very worthy of your support.

Catholic Charities
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Catholic Charities

In keeping with the foundation and history of their family and their beliefs, Tony and Tina Sammut feel very strongly about this charity and have been supportive of it in every respect for many years. They invite all to click on the link above and help them support this extremely worth while organization.

Tony Sammut (Left) with Bishop Ryna at a charity event.

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E.A.R.S. - African Elephant Sanctuary

This one hits much closer to home for Tony and Tina for their son, Charlie, helped establish this where he currently cares for four retired African elephants for the remainder of their lives. Tony helped build the sanctuary and often, assists in the routine care of the animals. In return for that care, the elephants participate in education programs for young and old alike in the community who might otherwise, never have the opportunity to know such incredible beasts.

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left to right - Tony’s wife, Tina Sammut - his sister, Rita Gatt, Tony and his brother-in-law, Joe Gatt.

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Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

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Tony and Tina cruise the strip during the Cherrys Jubilee fund raising event.

And in an attempt to keep our community healthy while embracing yet another one of their son Charlie’s personal passions, Tony and Tina contribute generously to the many programs and efforts of Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation. Charlie is on the Board of Governors for the hospital as well as the Chairman of Cherrys Jubillee, a traditional motor-sports festival held annually which helps raise money for the hospital. 

Tony, along with four of his guests, also participates in the hospital’s annual weekend trail-ride, another very successful fundraising event as well as a welcome opportunity for Tony to spend a weekend with some of his best friends, his horses.

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Run by the Congregation of Sisters of St. Jeanne Antide Thouret and Malta Catholic Action, this organization is a home for the physically and mentally disabled on the island of Malta. For Tony and Tina, it is a way to remember and give back to the place they came from.


Both Tony and Al Sammut have been proud sponsors of the Salinas California Int. Airshow and the Salinas California Rodeo for many years.


Both feel that these events both support and define the city of Salinas and are therefore very worthy of their support.

Favorite Charities